Welcome to Thermal Studios

    Welcome to Thermal Studios, a private recording and production facility located near the Philadelphia area. The studio is owned and operated by engineer/producer Stephen McKnight, a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. This facility has a great mix of modern and vintage recording equipment, guitars, amps, keyboards and a great house drum kit. There is an all wood live room, guitars/amp room, vocal booth, lounge and control room- all wired for discrete or live recording.

    The studio features an all analog path SSL console, with DAW control, flying faders and total recall. In addition to the 24 onboard SSL Super Analogue mic pres and G/E series eqs, there are also 24 Neve modules, and 22 API modules, giving the client the ultimate choice for front end preamps.

    76 total channels in all, of the best vintage and modern mic pres.

    All of this analog gear is converted by the Antelope Orion HD 32 interface, giving the user 64 in/out at up to 192k/32 bit. The DAW is Avid Pro Tools Ultimate running on a Mac Pro with all SSD drives.

    Great gear and a great recording space are extremely important, but having a producer who listens and understands the artist is where the magic truly lives. Stephen prides himself on that more than anything else, so make contact and let's get to making great sounding music!

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    Stephen McKnight is a Philadelphia area based singer/songwriter/producer who owns Thermal Studios, a state-of-the-art recording studio and production facility.

    Stephen has made his living performing, recording and songwriting for many years, both in the USA and in Tokyo, Japan where he spent over seven years recording and performing. He recorded and or produced over 200 television commercials and eight CD releases while in Tokyo. Highlights include having two songs chart on the hot 100, singing the original "Zoom-Zoom" commercial for Mazda, (which got plenty of airplay in the US) and singing the US National Anthem in front of 65,000 people live and millions on ESPN internationally. Prior to going to Japan, Stephen had several albums released with Now, Kissing Nixon as well as under his own name.

    Since building Thermal Studios in 2006, Stephen has recorded and produced numerous full length original albums with various artists. (Check out the audio samples tab!) He has also recorded commercials for Comcast/Xfinity, Versace, Toyota, Rent A Center, Charter Communications, AT&T, Nike and many others. Stephen also has a presence in original songs for various Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 games. Konami is a long time client, as well as Sony Games and most recently Capcom. The newest Resident Evil game (available March 2012) includes Stephen's original song "The Spaces In Between". Stephen has built a fantastic recording studio which has all the amenities of a commercial studio, but located within a private residence. Producing, mixing, and or recording your project is his passion- no project too big or small.

    For more information please email thermalproductions@yahoo.com or call (215) 359-6271.


    (215) 359-6271